(Classicalbanksy (Simon Roberts) reacts to Rick Beato’s video “The Road Taken.”)

This article actually started out earlier today, as a reaction to a wonderfully “life-affirming” video by RICK BEATO, which I highly recommend watching before you read this!

But, for some reason — perhaps because it’s too long — I couldn’t post this as a comment on YouTube, but wanted to communicate my reaction, so decided to post it here instead!

(1985 — with a fabulous Welsh Soprano, Anwen Jenkins — I think that’s her room in the Hall of Residence!)

I had won a scholarship to music college in London, because I had a natural, quite pleasant tenor voice. Although my scholarship was vocal, I got the chance…

Talentbanq at The Bedford, 26th September, 2019.

Georgia and the Vintage Youth, supported by Honey Mooncie and Joncan Kavlakoglu

A message came through. It was my very own musical “Indiana Jones,” Neil March, with the simple instruction “drop everything, meet me at The Bedford, prepare to be amazed!”

Not one given to superfluous exaggeration, our Neil, I sensed we could be in for a good night! So, grabbing iphone and flatmate, I headed south.

The Bedford is one of those buildings that just exudes a sense of friendly invitation. You can see it from the exit of the Underground Station.

{My reply to one of those automated CD BABY round-robin emails… Entitled “what Artists want…” to me it was a red rag to a bull! Here, unedited, word for word, is my reply:

Dear CD Baby,

What artists REALLY want is better than this! SO much better than this! Tune Core, the Baby’s big US rival is now introducing RECURRING “subscriptions” — when an artist wants to release something new! What an utter scam!

Music lovers pay for their favourite Music Festival ticket each year. Every year, different artists — different lineup, concert. …

How Apple seem to have fallen out of love with its customers…

With $300 billion in the bank, why is Apple using its new OS Mojave to rid itself of its most loyal customers?

The other day, I logged on to Apple Support, to double-check something Alan Bailey from grizzlymedia.co.uk — my music studio tech guru — had told me: that the new Mojave macOS upgrade is not backwards compatible beyond 2012.

I could simply not believe my ears when he told me, as the implications seemed to completely contradict the very philosophy upon which Steve Jobs had founded Apple…

A Review of Neil March and Friends, Thursday 5th September, 2019, at the Ivy House, Nunhead, London SE15. Curated by https://demarararecords


(from L to R (Twitter Handles) #Sergina Sergio, @DILARApiano, @NeilMarch, Hollie Findlay @MusicFindlay, Jon Read @Brassjon, @MissSatinBeige, #ElodieChousmerHowelles, Luke Moore @LukeMooreMusic)

I “collided” into Neil March on Twitter a couple of years ago. …

Simon Roberts

A former Opera singer, I survived serious illness, and have begun a new career as a media music composer, and recording artist, as Classicalbanksy.

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